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Our concept

PETS & STONES is a creator of collars for dogs and cats…


We make leather necklaces and match them in high quality skins. Respectful of the environment and the well-being of our animals, we use vegetable dyes for our leathers, and certified ethical skins for precious skins.

We went timeless and fashion for our collections. Our models are available immediately in our points of sale or online but we can realize your orders within a manufacturing period of 6 to 10 weeks.


Our ethical commitment encourages us to favor the sumptuous fish leather called GALUCHAT. The skin of this edible fish is recovered and tanned with care for a gloss and more subtle colors. Our blue vegetable leather doubles our necklaces and allows to realize the body of our leashes.


Our innovative system allows you to vary yourself the choice of stones you want to wear. Our double cabochons are worn in pairs: a front and a back.

Our Stones

Fine stones are hand-set on gold or silver hallmarked. Our gemstones are available according to our stocks, gemstones are the subject of special orders.

Malachite has anti-inflammatory power, it detoxifies, reduces arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

Turquoise brings balance and well being, it purifies fighting bacteria. 

Tiger's eye strengthens bones and joints, it's good for the liver. 

Garnet fortifies the circulatory system and heart, it is excellent for productivity.


 Amethyst, which calms nervous or angry beings. 

Rose Quartz, for its defense of the immune system. 

Lapis Lazulis stimulates the throat, lungs, eyes, it is also an anti-stress. 

Rock Cristal, softness, concentration, mental purity, intensifies intuition. 

The Diamond is a master healer. It eliminates toxins, stimulates the brain and the immune system..

The Creators

PET & STONES is the story of the same passions for 2 women: animals, well-being, beautiful accessories and real luxury.

Dany Berland-Michel has spent 30 years in fashion with the most beautiful fashion houses, accessories and jewelry.

Charlie Caillard grew up in showrooms, studied the image in all its forms and evolved in the heart of the oldest French fashion house.

Charlie discovers the first lithotherapy and is passionate about exceptional leathers. She becomes the Artistic Director of the brand. Dany implements a concept that allows everyone to compose a unique necklace. She directs the creation.

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