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PETS & STONES jewels are personalized to infinity with the most beautiful stones. It is possible to choose a double-sided with the same colors or to mix two colors. 


Malachite  has anti-inflammatory power, it detoxifies, reduces arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. 
Turquoise  brings balance and well being, it purifies fighting bacteria. 

Oil de Tigre (Tiger's eye)  fstrengthens bones and joints, it's good for the liver. 

Grenat (Garnet) fortifies the circulatory system and heart, it is excellent for productivity. 

Amethyste, which calms nervous or angry beings. 

Quartz Rose (Rose Quartz), for its defense of the immune system. 

Cristal de Roche (Rock Crystal), softness, concentration, mental purity, intensifies intuition.

Lapis Lazulis stimulates the throat, lungs, eyes, it is also an anti-stress. 

Tourmaline Noire (Black Tourmaline)  protects electromagnetic currents. 

Diamant (The Diamond  is a master healer. It eliminates toxins, stimulates the brain and the immune system.


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